Anti-hunting activist until wild boars destroy his golf course and now he asks hunters for help

Animalistic hypocrisy has no limits, and this is an example of it. The businessman and golfer is proud on social networks of the sustainability and zero impact of his golf course facilities with the environment. Apparently this is a golf course with low water consumption, few pesticides and with ponies to cut the fairways of the holes, but in which the wild boars are unwanted visitors.

Anticaza until the presence of the wild boars have touched his pocket

Richard Neill He is a recognized French anti-fighter militant. His passion for golf has led him to build in Bernay, a commune and town of France in the Upper Normandy region, the Pastoral De La Charentonne golf course.

The businessman boasts of being the owner of a green golf course. Until a few dates ago he was a volunteer of “Friends of the earth“It is an environmental organization that advocates a transition towards what the organization calls” sustainable societies “, that is, a system where” each human being can satisfy their basic needs without compromising the needs of future generations. “

Anti-hunting convictions take a backseat when they are affected by wildlife

As we can see, the doctrines of the anti-hunting and activists of environmental associations go into oblivion when necessary. Richard Neill has requested to the French state the intervention of the figure of “Lieutenant of Louveterie“, a public official in charge of hunting, given the extensive damage caused by pigs on the golf course.

Public employees come at night to avoid being seen by golfers and shoot some animals. Richard Neill’s anti-hunting beliefs make him unwilling to go to local hunters.

Apparently, it is more ethical for the anti-game that the state, with money from the public coffers, eliminate a problem before the hunters carry out a sustainable hunt and regulate the populations of the game fauna.

The maintenance of a golf course requires as much water per year as a city of 7,000 inhabitants

According to a study carried out by AGREF, the French association of Green-Keepers, it is estimated that 9.5 billion liters of water are needed to irrigate golf courses around the world every day, almost as much as all of humanity drinks. The Wordwatch Institute estimates that 18 kilograms of pesticides are used per hectare per year. 2.5 are used in agriculture.




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