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An intimate of the locker room of the Jordan Bulls cash on the beef with Pippen

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Scottie Pippen vs. Michael Jordan is a clash that obviously goes back decades when they were at the Bulls. One of their ex-teammates has also made a surprising revelation on the subject … Especially with regard to the first city.

When you see the exploits of the Jordan-Pippen duo in the 90s, it’s hard to believe that these two men are so much in conflict today. The release of the documentary The Last Dance unpin the former winger, who felt belittled compared to what he believes to be his fair value. Since then, he never hesitates to swing spades at MJ, thus showing that the conflict between them goes back much longer.

A shocking observation for the fans, but also for the members of the Chicagoans at the time of the dynasty of the franchise. Indeed, as Bill Wennington explains, none of this was known to the roster at that time. The former Taurus kingpin returned to the subject in a recent interview, claiming in passing that he really enjoyed playing with Pip ‘. For him, the latter has well hidden his game despite his grievances with the n ° 23:

Bill Wennington: “We didn’t know anything about beef between Jordan and Pippen”

It’s hard, I didn’t see it at the time and I don’t know if I was wearing blinders then, but I didn’t notice it at all. Everyone got along well, everyone hung out together and did things together. We didn’t know. I don’t know if anything happened with Scottie, but I respect his opinion no matter what.

I think he was one of my favorite teammates during my time with the Bulls… If he really felt like he wasn’t considered enough he did a great job of hiding it from everyone. , because it didn’t affect us when we were playing. We all got along really well at the time.

Difficult to dispute the Canadian on this, since the Bulls signed a three-peat during his stint between 1993 and 1999. The Jordan-Pippen duo had then been joined by a certain Dennis Rodman, which on its own was fueling the headlines off the pitch. Still, the point is, the Hall of Famer have been able to put it all aside for the sake of the team. At the same time, all of those negative feelings exploded for all to see years later, after the release of TLD.

Bill Wennington assures him, no one in Chicago knew how much Scottie Pippen resented Michael Jordan. Given that the winger has always been quite direct in his approach, it’s a revelation that contrasts somewhat with his personality …

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