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Alvin Gentry got scared in the face of Covid-19 | NBA

by archysport

After three straight away games, the Kings were back in Sacramento ten days before Christmas. Having a sore throat, Alvin Gentry is logically tested to check if he is not affected by Covid-19.

This would be damaging for the Kings, who would thus lose their coach for several days, but above all worrying for the main person concerned, admittedly vaccinated but who is still 67 years old.

“I did the PCR test and one of the physical trainers called me at six in the morning to tell me that I was positive”, raconte Alvin Gentry à The Undefeated. “It’s not a word we like to hear when we talk about Covid-19. I was very nervous because of my age. Except Gregg Popovich (72 years old), I am the oldest coach in the league. So positive at 67, we wonder what will happen and the situation is scary. “

Ultimately, these little sore throats will be the only symptoms of the former Pelicans coach. A lesser evil.

“I had a sore throat. And on a scale of 1 to 10, I was 1. But I was waiting. Was I going to get up the next day feeling terrible? Or with more symptoms? I was worried about all of this. But luckily, everything turned out well. “

Even if the fear was real, for him and for his sons, who learned the news like all NBA fans, via le tweet d’Adrian Wojnarowski which announced the isolation of the Californian coach …

“That was the hardest part. I got a call from my son Jack, who had just received the alert on Twitter that I was positive. I did not have the opportunity to call my family. My sons wanted to know how I was. I’m fine and I haven’t felt anything except this little sore throat. “

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