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Almost all the fish for sale

by archysport

BarcelonaFor the vast majority of the Catalans, there is no doubt that Barça’s main problem is on the pitch. But, for the new executive structure of the club, well led by Ferran Reverter, the most complex challenge is to consolidate the sources of income of the entity without stopping trying to contain the expense. Meanwhile, the news this season is not very positive for reasons beyond management, such as the elimination of the Champions, which will generate a contraction in forecasts (ie a hole of between 20 and 25 million euros in the current year’s income statement). The great sword of Damocles is next season in terms of sponsors of the entity, the third major pillar of the generation of resources, in addition to audiovisual rights (which will remain stable), membership fees and sales of tickets.

Revenue generation from the sponsorship area has a fairly complex future. The club is in a weak selling position and will play against the clock once it starts in 2022, when most companies have closed budgets since November: there will only be six months left to look for and formalize the new big sponsors of the entity. Two of the entity’s three main sponsors (Rakuten and Beko) have already sent clear messages indicating that they are out and will not renew even down. The agreements with local companies such as Damm, CaixaBank and Cupra are solid and stable, but they are not the size of the big three. Only Nike, which is the first contributor to the club’s coffers in this regard and which always moves amounts well above one hundred million euros, remains stable. That said, the production terms of the shirt have forced the main sponsor to go into production without a logo, an almost surreal fact for the big teams in Europe in the last decade. No one wants to think about the negative effects that the club’s non-classification for the next Champions League would have on this contract.

The new professional structure of the commercial field has not been consolidated for various reasons, and with some episodes that can be called surreal. Neither one’s own leadership nor the legacy of the previous stage are the best ways to consolidate an area in which arrogance in the sale of assets has, unfortunately, been a hallmark of the Barça style in the offices that should be started. change in these new times. Knowing how to sell sports sponsorship and build bonds with sponsors is a profession, not a dedication, and decisions must be made by professionals, not boards, by many endorsements they have signed. Transactions that could have been signed have been leaked and have been underestimated for not accepting that the brand’s commercial appeal in the short term is declining. for the sporting results and for the departure of Messi (says a very convinced culer).

Therefore, they are selling bad times to make sales in a market – that of business sponsorship – which shows a certain restraint and with a bias on the part of the plaintiff of a certain inconvenience to be reported as exemplary (companies in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs or entities from Gulf countries). The last big operation, the old Staples Center will now be Crypto.com (I can’t imagine that name for the Camp Nou). The member would be happy to return to the time of not having “commercially stained” the shirt, but Barça can not afford it without causing a significant limitation of the structural capacity of the sport. And it remains to be seen the great sponsor of the naming rights of the new Espai Barça … Almost all the fish is for sale.


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