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Alex Jones claims he will ‘spit all the dirt’ on Trump

by archysport

Follower of conspiracy theory Alex Jones claims he has “dirt” on Donald Trump, and he will drop everything to harm the former president because of his statements on the pro-Covid vaccine.

Trump recently garnered renewed media coverage between his admission of being triply vaccinated and his defense of the vaccine’s effectiveness during his interview with Candace Owens. This has been a source of consternation for some of Trump’s most staunch supporters on the far right, and Jones recently denounced the former president by claiming he was “either completely ignorant” or “the most villain who ever lived ”.

On his last show, the InfoWars chief said “we all wish Trump did the right thing” but then claimed to have “the baseball from the inside out on Trump.” He doesn’t know what’s going on. After suggesting Trump’s “we have to get on with it”, Jones suggested he would get Trump’s attention if he decided to “put all the dirt” he has on the ex-president.

“Maybe I should just dump all the dirt. You know what? I’ll tell all about Trump next hour, ”Jones said. “It’s not to hurt Trump, it’s to let people know how pathetic he is when you think he’s playing 4D chess, he’s going to save you and he isn’t. not ! He’s not a bad guy, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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