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Alesi in firecracker: the brother-in-law out of the question

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L’ex-French Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi, who will be tried in correctional in 2023 for having blown up with a big firecracker the window of the office of a former companion of his sister, disputes any “family conflict” with the latter, according to his attorney.

The architect whose office window was damaged “was not her brother-in-law” but “a former boyfriend of her sister”, from whom she had parted “without conflict” two years ago, has told AFP Thibault de Montbrial, lawyer for Jean Alesi.

“It is absolutely not a family conflict”, he insisted, specifying that this former boyfriend of his sister and Jean Alesi were “in cordial and non-confrontational terms”.

The former Ferrari driver had explained to investigators that he only wanted to play “a bad joke” on the architect. The latter for his part said he had “no worries” with Jean Alesi, but nevertheless lodged a complaint for the degradation of his window.

The facts occurred Sunday evening in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (Gard), where the 57-year-old ex-pilot resides. The neighborhood was called around 10 p.m., worried about the sound of an explosion. Thanks to the license plate number noted by a neighbor, the police were able to determine that the vehicle seen on the spot before leaving with all lights out belonged to José Alesi, the brother of the ex-pilot, who was arrested.

Only responsible

The next day, Jean Alesi went to the police station in Avignon (Vaucluse), where he cleared his brother of customs duties, explaining that it was he who was in the car, with his son and a friend of his. and that he himself had “stuck a large firework bought in Italy in the frame of a window in his brother-in-law’s architectural firm,” without imagining that it would explode, he explained. the deputy prosecutor of Nîmes, Antoine Wolff.

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“His son has absolutely nothing to do with what he did,” added Thibault de Montbrial, stressing that neither the latter nor his friend in the car knew what Jean Alesi was going to do when he asked his son, who was driving, to stop.

Jean Alesi “was surprised by the violence of the explosion” and “did not think that it would explode the window”, he continued: “It is a stupid, childish and unwelcome impulse, but of which he had the idea all alone and that he is the only one to have executed, ”according to the lawyer.

The former Ferrari driver will be tried in 2023 in Nîmes “for degrading the property of others by a means dangerous for people, committed in the context of a family conflict”, according to the Nîmes prosecutor’s office, while his son will be prosecuted for complicity in the same case.

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