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Alejandro Blanco, reelected unopposed president of the COE until 2025

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Alejandro Blanco will continue as president of the Spanish Olympic Committee / RC

The Galician leader was supported by the body’s assembly for a fifth term, with 156 votes in favor and seven blank

Alejandro Blanco was reelected this Wednesday unopposed (156 votes in favor and seven blank) president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) until 2025. After being backed by 100% of the Olympic federations and 92% of the non-Olympic ones, The Galician leader will begin his fifth consecutive term at the head of the highest body, which he has led since 2005.

“I am very happy, not because of the vote, but because of the support that people have given me with their endorsement, which is a reflection of teamwork. People trust and we are doing a good job, “congratulated Alejandro Blanco after the extraordinary assembly of the COE that confirmed its continuity for four more years.

Re-elected for the fourth time president of the COE and, as in the case of the previous three, without rival in the elections, Alejandro Blanco has already become the leader who has been in charge of the Spanish Olympic body for the longest time, in the which will continue until one year after the Paris 2024 Games, with the aim of “maintaining the level” reached so far.

“I will continue to bet on defending Spanish athletes,” promised who replaced Alejandro Echevarría on September 30, 2005, after presiding over the Spanish Judo Federation, a sport in which he has become the seventh DAN belt. Among his challenges during his next mandate is to “make a strong commitment to create the first sports artificial intelligence center in the world.”

He also announced the construction, at the COE headquarters in Madrid, of a research center for medicine, food and healthy habits worldwide, as well as the creation of a program for refugees. «The president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, has praised Blanco’s work at the forefront of sport and the Olympic movement, awarding him the gold medal of the highest Olympic body for his solidarity work, enhanced by building the first sports center for refugees in the world ( in Getafe) », the COE highlighted after his re-election.


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