Aitor Arregi: “We are going to give one hundred percent to make it a historic night”

Aitor Arregi (left), during the match against Lugo. / LaLiga

King’s Cup | Amorebieta-Almeria

The Amorebieta center-back assures that they are “very excited to return home” to face the Cup qualifying round against Almería

Delusion. That is the word that is repeated the most among the Amorebieta players in the face of the Cup match that this Thursday will measure against Almería in Urritxe. A feeling that accompanies them from the same day that chance wanted their ball to come out first during the draw, giving them the field factor in their favor. But not for that. But because finally they will be able to meet their people in their real home.

“This year we are playing in Lezama, which is a rental house,” says Aitor Arregi very expressively. This is our house. Those of us who have been here for a few years have gotten used to playing here. We are very excited to return to Urritxe, “he says, personifying the feelings of all his colleagues.

“We lived the draw in the dressing room, and when we heard that it would be in Urritxe it was already something very special. On the one hand, because of that, because we return to our home, to our people. The Cup is a tournament that we are passionate about, and with your support I think it will be much easier to try to beat an Almeria that is walking in the Second Division ”, says the central defender. “We are going to give one hundred percent to make it a historic night and try to go to the next round, in which we could get a Primera. It is a party that has all the incentives, “he adds.

“Lots of gunpowder upstairs”

It will not be easy. Almería will want to show that what happened to them in Lezama was an accident and that if they lead the domestic competition with such authority it is for something. «We have already seen how Almería is doing, it has a squad, it is a clear favorite for promotion. It will come with all of the law, “warns the blue defender.

Arregi is clear that «to win, you have to take the game where we want it. Centers, disputes, playing the opposite for a long time and putting in the ones we have, because it is difficult for them to remain unmarked because they have a lot of gunpowder upstairs.

For Bergara, playing at Urritxe can be a small advantage. Not only because of the drive of a hobby that will respond en masse, but also because of the state that the grass itself may present. «It is an advantage because it is our home. In the end, most of us have played here in recent years, we are used to Urritxe, to how the field is. It is not easy to play, it is soft from the rain. We will have some advantage but only for that, “he says.

In any case, they will jump convinced that they can defeat Almería and win that ticket to the next round. Plugged in from before leaving a changing room from which they can feel, and never better said, closely to their fans. “You can’t ask for more,” says Arregi.




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