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The director of Social Action, Sustainability and Innovation of Aguas de Huelva, Natividad Moya, has visited the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club of Huelva to sign a collaboration agreement that promotes its quarry during the next year. Received by the president and technical director of the Club, Inmaculada Márquez, He has witnessed a training session for the lower categories at the Ciudad Deportiva facilities.

Aguas de Huelva collaborates with this and other sports clubs in the city of Huelva in sports development activities framed within the projects of social integration of minors and young people through sports developed in the quarries of these clubs, such as initiatives from CD Sordos de Huelva, CB Enrique Benítez, Sporting Club de Huelva, Recreativo IES Badminton La Orden, etc …

[Img #289849]The Huelva Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was born with the main objective of promoting the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in the city, taking as its main and fundamental objective the promotion of the practice of this discipline from the lowest levels in order to discover new sports talents and thus project their training towards sports technification, resulting in From this process a solid competition team that bears the name of Huelva to all corners of Spain and even other countries. It has more than 200 associated girls between the ages of 4 and 16.

Great regional and national record

The club has a great regional and national track record. Last November in Córdoba he won 16 medals and five absolute sets for the Spanish Championship to be held in Pamplona this December.



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