Home judo After having spoiled the young Plouvornéens, Father Christmas can now “rest for a year!” “- Plouvorn

After having spoiled the young Plouvornéens, Father Christmas can now “rest for a year!” “- Plouvorn

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Tuesday, December 28, the animators Sarah, Marion and Amandine, as well as the animator Thomas, had organized games in the judo room for the children of the leisure center. A few days before, on Friday, December 24, before returning to their home, the young Plouvornéens had been able to meet Father Christmas before he started his big tour.

Too many requests on the list?

Loris, Augustin and Mathilde unveiled their gifts to us, assuring that they had been good! Loris, 6, had written his letter to Santa Claus, and in it he had ordered Legos and board games. “At home, the gifts are distributed on the evening of the 24th,” explains Loris. I didn’t get everything I ordered, maybe I put too much. “

Augustin, 6, wrote his letter ordering a spinning top, Legos and a racing circuit. At home, the surprise of presents arrives on Christmas morning: “I couldn’t wait to go and see what Father Christmas had left. I had almost everything! “

An already broken piggy bank …

Mathilde, 6, had written two letters to Father Christmas. “I only asked for three gifts on the first letter,” she says. My mom told me to make another one to order other toys ”. She admits that she didn’t get everything she ordered. The disappointment came from Christmas to his grandmother: “I had a piggy bank, but I broke it. “Mathilde, very talkative, celebrates Christmas on the 25th:” In any case, you have to be wise to have our gifts, indicates the young Plouvornéenne. My brother was not good. I’m not sure he got everything he asked for ”.

Young children think that Santa’s job is very hard: “Now he’s going to rest for a year, he has to sleep all the time!” “

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