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After a beating attack: Jayden (14) with Werder jersey fobbed off | Regional

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Bremen – A Werder A-Juniors player (18) is said to have given 14-year-olds shocking football training in the school club in Ritterhude: According to witnesses, those who failed or did not understand the exercises were given neck blows by their classmates.

He himself is said to have struck several times to “increase performance”.

While the public prosecutor’s office is investigating the coach for bodily harm (BILD reported), the issue seems to be over for Werder!

Oliver Lübben (49), father of victim Jayden (14): “Werder is trying to fob my son off with a free jersey. But we don’t want handouts, we want security for my child. Jayden has since suffered from pain, tinnitus, nausea and dizziness. “

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With this jersey Werder wants to restore Jayden’s “salvation”

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Doctors in the hospital attested the symptoms (available from BILD). The father: “What if Jayden cannot work in certain jobs because of possible long-term effects? He would not be the first applicant who was not officially appointed because of tinnitus, for example. “

Immediately after the attacks, Lübben contacted Werder. “But they just said it shouldn’t be a bribe, but they wanted to give us something. I declined gifts and asked them to call their lawyers for coverage. “

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This letter was enclosed with the jersey. But it’s not enough to protect Jayden against possible long-term effects

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But there was only a letter of apology and a jersey “for Jayden’s salvation”.

Lübben: “It’s unbelievable how lax Werder is when it comes to criminal offenses.” The public prosecutor’s office continues to investigate …


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