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AFF Cup Final 2020: Before the Indonesian National Team Faces Thailand, PSSI Says Shin Tae-yong Has A Special Request: Okezone Bola

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POOR – Ahead of the 2020 AFF Cup final, the coach of the Indonesian National Team, Shin Tae-yong has a special request to PSSI. As leaked by the Secretary General of PSSI, Yunus Nusi, Shin Tae-yong’s special request was for the Indonesian national team players to be encouraged.

This was revealed from the results of several times of intensive communication between PSSI with the Technical Director (Director of Technology) of PSSI Indra Sjafri, the coach of the Indonesian national team Shin Tae-yong, and the players.

“My communication to the general chairman, technical director, Shin Tae-yong, and others we do often and we hope they are in stable physical condition, stamina, health. As of this morning they are in good health, fit and stable and they are Wednesday in the match ready to compete,” said Yunus when met by reporters in Malang, Monday (27/12/2021).

Yunus said, Shin Tae-yong left a message to PSSI so that the Indonesian national team players were encouraged. Considering that there are several Indonesian national team players who have just experienced the final match.

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“Shin Tae-yong just said that the children still have to be motivated like what Singapore has shown, and that is the big hope of the coach, technical director, they must have enthusiasm,” said Yunus.

“That’s what we are racing, we are racing, for how these children have such strong and high fighting power. Because for the final party what is needed is the spirit and fighting power to be in the final,” he added.

In addition to enthusiasm, PSSI also helped Shin Tae-yong to mentally pump Asnawi Mangkualam cs ahead of his final match against Thailand. Moreover, several Indonesian national team players, many of whom are young and have minimal international flight hours.

“We hope that most of them have just followed this AFF, and for them they also consider this a normal thing in matches. They are not nervous, they are able to get through the first leg, and the second leg can give their best,” he explained.

Despite all that, Yunus is optimistic that the progress of Garuda Muda under Shin Tae-yong’s tutelage can pick up the winning momentum after being runner-up in the AFF Cup five times before. He also asked the Indonesian national team players to focus on technical abilities, and to put aside non-technical matters, such as the leadership of referees, who had often been in the spotlight in the three previous Indonesian national team matches.

Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae-yong

“We don’t think in that direction, we know FIFA AFC including the AFF have been hard on this and this is very taboo in the AFF, FIFA AFC so we don’t think about it too much. We believe, be it match equipment, center referee, assistant referee then those in it, including our players, are optimistic that they are far from something like that,” he explained.

The Indonesian national team will face Thailand in the 2020 AFF Cup final which will take place twice. The first match of the AFF Cup final will be held on Wednesday 29 December 2021 and the second match on Saturday 1 January 2022. These two matches will be held at the National Stadium in Singapore.

Of course the hope is that the Indonesian national team can win the 2020 AFF Cup title. Because of the five AFF Cup final matches that the Garuda squad has experienced, they always lose and fail to win.

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