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A statue of Cristiano Ronaldo is controversial in India

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LE SCAN SPORT – The Portuguese star has been honored with a controversial statue of her.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fame knows no borders. Planetary star, the Portuguese striker now has a statue representing him in the city of Calangute (district of Goa), on the western facade of the country. “To inspire young people and take football to the next level in the state and country, we came up with this statue. We want our children to become like this legendary footballer», Wrote Michael Lobo a local elected official celebrating the inauguration of the work which weighs 410 kg for an estimated cost of 14,000 euros approximately.

But this event also sparked a wave of protests, says The Navhind Times . Protesters notably waved black flags around the site of the work. “There are so many great Calangute footballers who have brought laurels to India in India by playing football at the international level. Why couldn’t their statues be installed? They are from Calangute. Why was the statue of the Portuguese footballer installed», Lamented a local activist regretting the timing of this inauguration. 60 years ago, after 450 years of Portuguese presence, the State of Goa was attached to the Indian Union.

«People are opposed to the installation of the statue. I think they hate football. Football is a game where everyone is on an equal footing, regardless of their caste, skin color, religion.“, Retorted Michael Lobo before concluding:”I have nothing to say to them.»


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