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a lie from CR7 comes back to his mind, his image takes a hit

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Zapping But! Football Club AS Saint-Etienne: The question of the week

You may remember that in the spring of 2020, when all of Europe was confined and football competitions stopped, French clubs had all the trouble in the world to make their players agree not to touch their salaries. And then, Cristiano Ronaldo had shown the way by deciding to abandon his emoluments for the entire period he would not play, which was to allow Juventus Turin to pay its employees. A very beautiful story. But it turns out a year and a half later that she was totally bogus!

Indeed, currently in Italy is taking place yet another Juventusgate, an investigation into the small financial arrangements of the Old Lady concerning transfers. The goal is to present accounts more beautiful than they really are. Well, in the course of their investigations, the investigators found a strange document: a contract signed between Cristiano Ronaldo and his leaders so that 10.3 M € is paid to him as soon as possible. This tens of millions is exactly the amount he falsely gave up during confinement. Nothing illegal, however. Just the feeling that CR7 swept everyone away on this one…

Ronaldo lied when he was at Juventus

In the spring of 2020, Juventus Turin proudly announced that Cristiano Ronaldo was giving up his salaries during confinement and the end of competitions. In truth, he had agreed with his leaders to be paid later.

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