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A fake lawyer unmasked and arrested at the court of Berrechid

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December 31, 2021 – 2:40 p.m. – Morocco – By: SA

While posing as a lawyer, an individual was unmasked and then arrested at the Berrechid Court of First Instance. He managed to defraud several people.

End of maneuvers for a false lawyer. An individual was arrested on December 28 in flagrante delicto at the Berrechid Court of First Instance for having defrauded several people by usurping the title of lawyer, reports Assabah. He appeared before his “carefully chosen” victims as a young lawyer practicing in this court. He promised to defend them in court before defrauding them.

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The bogus lawyer demanded large sums of money according to their social status. Initially, he defrauded his victims outside of court. The frantic search for easy money drove him to go to court where he defrauded several people. His last attempt failed. He was arrested in flagrante delicto. He is attributed several fraud operations. A judicial inquiry has been opened.

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