5 businessmen raised 50,000 SGD to reward Luo Jianyou and the new Badminton Association bonus is still on the way_Olympics_Badminton_Company

Original title: 5 businessmen raised 50,000 SGD to reward Luo Jianyou and the New Badminton Association bonus is still on the way

On December 28, Beijing time, Singapore media reported that although the 24-year-old Luo Jianyou won the men’s singles championship for Singapore at the Huelva World Championships this month, the Singapore Badminton Association has not announced the bonus policy for Luo Jianyou so far. It is some local folks who are actively planning to award Luo Jianyou. A team of five local businessmen raised 50,000 Singapore dollars, about 235,000 yuan, and rewarded Luo Jianyou.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Singaporean swimmer Joseph Lin won the men’s 100-meter butterfly competition. This is Singapore’s first gold in the Olympic Games. The Singapore government rewarded him with 6.46 million yuan. The Badminton World Championship is the second largest international single event in the field of badminton after the Olympic Games in terms of the level and importance of the event. However, unlike the general tour, the World Championship champion can get high international points, but there is no competition. bonus.

Liao Zhenxing, president of the Singapore Badminton Federation, told Lianhe Zaobao a few days ago: “The World Championships do not have any prize money. We are discussing this with some companies. I believe there will be companies to sponsor us. Luo Jianyou’s results are Singapore’s. Glory, I believe that many companies will support us. I am very confident about this. We will announce when the time is right.”

According to a local “Business Times” report, five Singaporean businessmen raised 50,000 Singapore dollars to start a reward for Luo Jianyou through private channels. Chen Wei, the director and general manager of a cake brand, is the initiator of this award donation. He said: “Luo Jianyou’s victory shows us that even as a little red dot, we can still achieve success on the global sports stage. Achievement.” (Red)Return to Sohu to see more


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