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2021, a year with an Olympic medal

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It is not always the case that in a sports summary of the year there is an Olympic medal. To begin with, it takes four years – five in this case – and then one of our athletes gets it. In this case it was Julen Aginagalde, who with the Spanish handball team finally hung a medal, the bronze.

It was not the only bidasotarra in the Tokyo Olympic Games, but Ander Elosegi participated for the fourth time in an event of this magnitude and in it Teresa Errandonea premiered. In addition, as coaches the hondarribitarra Xabi Taberna and the Irundarras Iñaki Gómez and Telmo Olazabal participated in the Spanish, Slovenian and Dutch canoeing teams, while the Irundarra Igor Herrero was part of the technical team of the Uruguayan judo team.

Football . During the 2020/21 academic year, the Royal Union managed to return to the top of the table. The good work, which resulted in the ticket for the 1st RFEF, has continued in the final part of the year, which closes with the txuribeltz in third place. Ricardo García left the club and Igor Emery replaced him as president.

Handball. Bidasoa Irun is still on the wave and closed last season with a resounding runner-up, with 53 points and six ahead of the third-placed. The Irundarra team qualified for the European League, in which they still have options to advance to the next round. After the first round, those of Jacobo Cuétara are fourth, one point behind the second, although with two games pending.

Remo. Few clubs can say they have three drifters on the water, and two of them in the top flight. Ama Guadalupekoa has once again been among the best in the Eusko Label League, where she has achieved six first places and four flags, two of them being the Ikurriña de Zarautz, the fourth in a row, and the victory at home, where she had not won since 2015 In addition, those of Mikel Orbañanos have been champions of Gipuzkoa and Euskadi and were less than a second away from taking the fourth La Concha Flag in a row. The summer concluded with the relegation of the women’s team to the ETE League and the promotion of the second men’s crew to the ARC-1 League.

Athletics. Teresa Errandonea qualified for the Olympic Games and had a bittersweet participation, since she could not overcome the first phase. Iker Arozena was proclaimed champion of Spain sub’23 in high jump and was one centimeter away from going to the European Championship. In the absolute category, he ranked fifth. Irune Muguruza was champion of Spain under 20 in 400 hurdles. In addition, José Antonio Gómez de Arriba won the Gipuzkoa Marathon Championship and in OCR, obstacle courses, the Irundarra Asier Landart and the hondarribitarra Andrea Azkune were proclaimed champions of Spain.

Swimming. For Bidasoa XXI, the most relevant of this year is the large number of medals obtained in Spanish Championships in the absolute-youth category of the Martín sisters, the absolute bronze medal of Ainhoa ​​Martín and the junior silver of Iker Soto. By teams it is necessary to highlight the title of the Euskal Herria Cup of the women’s team and the second place of the men’s. In the recent Spanish Cup of the highest category, the girls were fourth and the boys descended.

Table tennis. Leka Enea Irun continues to be the only club with representation in all the state and Basque leagues, in addition to participating in European competitions. Endika Díez at all and Iker Martínez in youth achieved two runners-up in Spain, as well as three other state runners-up in lower categories.

Whitewater canoeing. The standard bearer for the Santiagotarrak-ZAISA section is Ander Elosegi, with his fourth participation in the Olympic Games and eighth position, as well as sixth in the World Cup. In that appointment, Joan Crespo was bronze in K-1. He also won an extreme World Cup event in Pau. Klara Olazabal achieved two silver medals in patrols, in the U23 European Championship and in the absolute World Cup. Third position in the Spanish Championship, with nine medals.

Calm waters canoeing. The Santiagotarrak-Urbycolan section broke its own record for athletes in international competitions. Aitor Gorrotxategi was eleventh in the U23 World Cup in K-1 1,000, Nerea García seventh in the World Cup and eighth in the U23 European Championship in K-4 500 and second in the World Cup in K-2 200, Eider Amundarain (eighth in K-1) and Martín Miranda and Unai Amostegi (17th in K-2) participated in the Junior World Marathon and Maialen and Uxue Arsuaga were third in K-2 200 in the Junior World Cup.

Rowing mobile bench. Aitzpea González was eleventh in the absolute European Championship and Naroa Zubimendi, eighth in the Junior World Cup. Santiagotarrak-BM achieved a historical record of medals, thirty, in the Spanish Championships,

Rugby. ZAISA Txingudi has not had a good 2021, with many injuries and many defeats. The quarry continues to work and the rugby touch group has been consolidated.


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