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12 Outdoor Duck Feather Badminton Balls.

by archysport


1. Made of good quality duck feathers, treated with special formula, soft and smooth.
2. Thick and smooth feather hair, good strength, improve badminton endurance.
3. The ball head adopts advanced cork technology, and the sound of hitting the ball is very clear, which is beneficial to stimulate players to enter the competitive state quickly.
4. Shock resistant, not easy to break, resistant to long service life.
5. Perfect for beginners and amateurs.

Material: duck feather + foam (head)
White color

Packing list:
12 badminton balls (one barrel)

Badminton care method:
1. The most common, but also the most widely used: spraying, open the badminton barrel cover on one side, put in the air outlet of the humidifier, spraying for 30 seconds-1 minute or so. Without a humidifier, you can also use a boiling kettle. This is the most maneuverable and used method.
2. Pour water directly into the keg, cover the lid and shake up and down so each ball is wet and ready to use. This method is more direct, the amount of water is not easy to master, beginners do not use better. In general, the use of this badminton treatment will improve stamina to the game.

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