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1. FC Köln: Unvaccinated team manager Denis Lapaczinski flies

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1. FC Köln has now separated from its team manager Denis Lapaczinski. The reason for this is above all his attitude towards the corona vaccination, reports the “Express”.

Accordingly, Lapaczinski’s attitude to vaccination is not compatible with the ideas of those responsible in the cathedral city. The “Effzeh” worries above all about its role model function. With the 2G rule in the stadium, a consistently vaccinated team and numerous specially initiated campaigns, the people of Cologne are clearly in favor of the vaccination.

1. FC Köln: Unvaccinated team manager Denis Lapaczinski has to go

But outside of the vaccination issue, there should have been tensions between the two parties, according to the “Bild”, which now led to Lapaczinski’s expulsion.

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The 40-year-old has not held office for several weeks, but the original plan was to return in the New Year. But now it turns out differently. Lapaczinski’s corona infection, through which he is now considered convalescent, did not change anything.

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According to “Express”, the Cologne veteran Marius Laux will be the new team manager. The 35-year-old recently ended his career in the second agency of “Effzeh” in order to take over the office.

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