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Zubov, who left Dynamo, confirmed as the head coach of the Russian U-20 hockey team / Day

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Zubov, who was appointed one of the coaches of the U-20 national team after leaving Riga “Dinamo”, helped lead the Russian national team in the Eurotour matches in Helsinki.

“I am ready to perform in the junior world championship,” Zubov said. “I believe that the headquarters of the knowledge and experience coaches in the important tournament should be enough. We also have a talented team, we continue to prepare.”

Oleg Bratasha, who was originally the head coach of the youth team, will now be the head coach of the team.

“Sergey Zubov will be the head coach for effective preparation for the national championship and for the championship itself. . “In general, there will be no big changes in the work of the coaching staff, just a little change of responsibilities. It will be better for all of us.”

It has already been reported that the former head coach of the Latvian national team Oļegs Znaroks has been invited to the youth national team as a consultant.

At the end of September, Zubov unexpectedly announced that he was leaving the position of head coach of Riga “Dinamo”, and the club’s announcement indicated that he had done so for family reasons. About a week later, it was announced that he had been selected as the coach of the Russian U-20 national team.

Before joining the “Dinamo” coaching headquarters, Zubovs started his coaching career as an assistant in the 2011/12 season in the SKA team of St. Petersburg. In the 2015/16 season, he became the head coach of SKA, but for the next three seasons he worked as the head coach of the “Sochi” club.

The junior world hockey championship will take place from December 26 to January 5 in the Canadian cities of Edmonton and Reddeer.

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