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Yongdae Lee, upgrade racquet for 1 win → Doubles partner vote (Racket Boys) [종합]

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(Export News Reporter Lee Lee-jin) Badminton player Lee Yong-dae presented a racket according to the members’ playing style.

In the tvN ‘Racquet Boys’ broadcast on the 22nd, the scene where Lee Yong-dae upgraded the racquets to the members got on the air.

On this day, Lee Yong-dae asked, “Shouldn’t we win one win? We lost because of something bad.” To this, Jeong Dong-Won blamed Jinbi, and Seung-Kwan replied, “It’s an introductory racket.”

Lee Yong-dae added, “So I prepared it for you. After trying it a few times, I knew what the members were like.”

Then, a racket expert appeared, and Yongdae Lee identified the members’ types and presented them with offensive, defensive, and all-round rackets, respectively.

Yongdae Lee explained, “There are three things. After testing the racket, we are trying to provide support. The offensive type has a heavy head. When defending, the racket should be light.”

In particular, Oh Sang-wook boasted an extraordinary attack power, and the racquet expert handed him an offensive racquet saying, “I brought a special racquet unique to Mr. Sang-wook.”

Seungkwan received the racquet that Lee Yong-dae was using, and said, “I no longer have water smashes for me.” Jeong Dong-won also received an offensive racquet, and Kim Min-gi received a defensive racquet. Yongdae Lee prepared a racket that can be played all-round for Yang Se-chan and Yoon Doo-joon.

In particular, Lee Yong-dae nailed it, saying, “I have an important announcement to make. The date of the first competition has been set. The game is over in just one day.”

Lee Yong-dae said, “The time has come when I have to decide a partner because it will be played in doubles. I am also thinking about it and I have a partner I have in mind, but it is more important for each member who they want to play with. Because of that, I will vote.” As a result of the voting, only Yang Se-chan and Yoon Doo-joon chose each other as partners.

In addition, Lee Yong-dae’s junior, Kyonggi University’s badminton club, ‘Setting’, appeared as a student of the Kyonggi University Physical Education College. Fortunately, the college students did not have a long history of badminton, and the members showed their will to win.

Photo = tvN broadcast screen

Reporter Lee Lee-jin [email protected]


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