Women’s soccer threatens to strike without a professional league

Diego Rivas, Amanda Sampedro and Silvia Meseguer, during the AFE press conference. / KIKO HUESCA / EFE

Iberdrola League

Atlético players Silvia Meseguer and Amanda Sampedro, together with the general secretary of the AFE, Diego Rivas, appeared at the union’s headquarters to highlight the general discomfort over the absence of minimum conditions in the competition

Jose Manuel Andres

Spanish women’s football returns to the starting box again. The long-awaited professionalisation of the Primera Iberdrola does not finish arriving and the footballers have said enough, tired of not having minimum guarantees for all the clubs of the highest category in terms of charges, facilities and basic services such as the presence of a doctor in each template.

The straw that has filled the glass of patience among the soccer players has been the surreal episode experienced during the duel between Rayo Vallecano and Athletic last day, when local player Camila Sáez suffered a strong blow to the head that caused a gap . In the absence of a doctor in the Rayista ranks, the soccer player had to be treated by the Athletic specialist, a situation that clearly reflected the precarious situation of some teams of the highest category of women’s football in Spain and the need for a professionalization that requires minimum conditions for all clubs in the competition.

The Atlético de Madrid players Silvia Meseguer and Amanda Sampedro, together with the general secretary of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE), Diego Rivas, acted as spokespersons for the entire group and appeared at the union’s headquarters to highlight an extreme situation , which had previously been staged with actions such as the removal of the federation shield from the shirts of some teams, something that involved sanctions, the half-minute stoppages prior to several games and the publication of a statement.

Now they go a step further, staging their discomfort at the lack of professionalization of a competition that should be according to the intentions expressed by the various bodies that regulate Spanish football, promises that for now have remained on paper.

«We are already tired of not being in that professional league. We only want those conditions that we have been demanding. Last week we made the thirty-second break, then the statement and now through this press conference, “explained Meseguer, who then revealed that the strike is not imminent, but it is a real possibility if current conditions do not change. : «There are no deadlines set for the strike. Only the possibility of it being done if the situation is not unblocked ».

“We are nobody to blame anyone, what we do demand is that they have a professional league as they deserve. Let the people whose mouths are filled with women’s rights get down to business and stop staring at each other’s navels. I do not know who the culprit is, but I do know who the victims are, “said Diego Rivas, in a clear appeal to institutions such as the Spanish Football Federation (FEF), LaLiga or the Higher Sports Council (CSD), who they have in their hands, through that agreement that at times seems impossible, the establishment of the minimum conditions typical of a professional competition.




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