Who said “River looked like Mick Jagger”?

The Band plays and plays. He makes fans delirious with his football-filled melody, which generates a pogo to pure goal cry. Over the years, the players change and the tones, of course, vary, but the instruments in River they never stop ringing. Luciano Vella He was one of the privileged to be part of the huge River Plate group and his time in Núñez marked him so much that it made him feel as if he were one of the Rolling Stones.

“Playing in River changed my life, it seemed Mick Jagger, ha. I had played at Newell’s and I went out to the streets and they recognized me, but it was here in Rosario … There people come from everywhere, they are all River fans “, Tano told in an interview with TT Sports (Radio Trend Topic).

Tano Vella was promoted to First with River. EFE.

“I would have liked to continue a little longer and never be cleaned, ha. I was staying to live … My contract ended, I had to leave, I am grateful to have played, but I would have liked to play many more years in that institution, “added the former right-back (he left the club in January 2013 and hung up the booties in 2017).

Vella came to River in July 2011 to play in the B Nacional and was one of the architects of the Promotion to First Division. That June 23, 2012, he starred in a very special match at the Monumental and experienced unique sensations. “We lost 10 kilos each … We took off a tremendous backpack”, had assured in talk with Olé.

More than eight years after that historic meeting, the reality of CARP is completely different. I arrive Marcelo gallardo, became the most winning coach in the club’s history and is currently one step away from winning the Professional League, the first local tournament of its cycle. The end of the year toast is getting closer and closer and the fans are shaking their glasses because they do not know what the future of the Doll will be. And should he decide to put an end to the story, Vella ran for a successor.

“Whoever grabs after Gallardo will have a very high bar, it will be difficult. I imagine Matías Almeyda, He is a person with a big back in River, with a lot of personality. When I had it, it was his first weapon and perhaps he lacked some experience, but now he has it, with a much longer range. It should be more serene and I see it drinkable to hold “, added.

Vella in its passage through River.

Vella in its passage through River.

It emerged in Newell’s and passed through Spain (Cádiz), Belgium (Rapid Bucharest), Vélez, Independiente, Unión, Defensa and Arsenal. He had a long history and was managed by all kinds of coaches. He lacked being under the command of the Doll, but anyway he did not hesitate to put him at the top of the podium.

“Gallardo is the best coach in Argentine soccer, and by far. It reinvents itself despite being in such a demanding club and that they sell to the players. River sometimes has not won games, but he always deserves to win, and that generated everything him, “said Tano, who is currently dedicated to managing nursing homes.

Luciano Vella in one of the nursing homes.

Luciano Vella in one of the nursing homes.

“At the time of River I bought the first one and now we have five with my partner. I always knew that football was momentary and that life had to be projected beyond the race, “he said.

Vella and a mime to Ponzio

“Leo is an example of football, he remains current with his age and is a reference for a very important club. When it is not his turn to play, he continues to encourage and support from outside. It is an example to be copied by all the boys who sometimes become rebels. “




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