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Were there incentives for other teams ?: Tulio Gómez responds

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After Cali America He got into the Colombian soccer finals, suspicions have been made about the results that occurred in other games.

This weekend, América de Cali began matchday 20 of the BetPlay League in box 11 of the standings, but at the end of the commitments the team finished eighth and he qualified for the championship finals, which has generated all kinds of comments, since results were given in 3 different fields for this to be fulfilled.

+ Pereira also closes the doors to América de Cali

In social networks, they have begun to talk about what happened in the other parties, mainly in the Envigado – Huila, where the Opita team won its match after not having added 3 points in 12 matches and not winning any away commitments throughout the semester, for which alleged incentives were mentioned.

In dialogue with the newspaper El País de Cali, Tulio Gomez He was consulted on this issue, where he made it clear that from his team there was nothing related. “On our part there was no incentive, only to tell them that they had to win to beat Equidad and be in the South American Cup. To pay another team where money from? You would have to pay them all and it is impossible. The results were given and that’s why I say that God is American“.

The leader explained that he was already making plans for next year, as he considered that they had already been eliminated. “When we lost to Equidad I was skeptical and didn’t believe in qualifying. Yesterday I was in Pereira, I didn’t know how the other games were going and a Pereira fan told me that we had qualified. This is a miracle of God“.


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