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Werder Bremen: coach? Klaus Filbry, Frank Baumann hesitate about Ole Werner – Bundesliga

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Now it’s getting serious!

Werder has been feverishly looking for a successor since Markus Anfang (47) resigned early on Saturday. The new coach could already sit on the bench in Kiel (November 27th) …

Because according to BILD information, the two managing directors Klaus Filbry (54 / finances) and Frank Baumann (46 / sports) have been together for negotiations outside of Bremen since Sunday.

But which coach is it about?

Ex-Kiel coach Ole Werner (33), who resigned in September, was considered the most promising candidate because his profile best fits into the grid he was looking for.

Werner proved in Kiel that he stands for offensive football and that he can develop young players. He could most likely pick up from the beginning.

But the negotiations on Sunday afternoon did not take place with him, but with another coach. Means: Werder is following another hot lead ….

Bosses on coach tour: Werder still hesitates with Werner!

But who did Baumann and Filbry negotiate with? Daniel Thioune (47 / Ex-HSV) is also on the Bremen coaching sheet. But even he was not the destination of the bosses’ excursion.

It therefore seems more and more realistic that in the end a completely different coach will be on the sidelines. Example Stefan Leitl (44). Werder has been paying close attention to the Fürth trainer since the summer.

However, after promotion to the Bundesliga, he is still busy despite a false start (only one point after twelve games). For the first division club, expulsion is also out of the question.

Should Leitl throw himself down due to the continued unsuccessfulness, Werder would be pricked up. He continues to enjoy great esteem among the Bremen bosses. If he wants to go to Werder, it would have to happen quickly …

Stefan Ruthenbeck (49 / Cologne U19), curiously a great cousin at the beginning, and Tobias Schweinsteiger (39 / assistant trainer Nuremberg) are also on the list. They belong to the extended group of candidates. Daniel Farke (most recently Norwich) and Peter Zeidler (St. Gallen), with whom discussions were held in the summer, are not an issue. Back then, Werder decided to start. His successor is now being feverishly sought.


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