WATCH: Jesus gives City group win, also PSG through to the 1/8th finals | UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

Manchester City have secured a group win with a deserved victory in the squatter against PSG and therefore a place in the 1/8th finals. A weak PSG took the lead shortly after the break thanks to Mbappé, but Sterling and Jesus put things in order. Despite the defeat (and thanks to the loss of Club), the Paris star ensemble as 2nd in Group A is also sure of a ticket to the knockout stage of the Champions League.

Watch the highlights:

Manchester City – Paris Saint-Germain in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Fifteen minutes before the end, Neymar seems to be on his way to 1-2 with a class flash, but he leaves the golden opportunity unused. His compatriot Jesus does a lot better moments later and makes it 2-1 on the pass of Bernardo Silva.
  • Man of the match: Riyad Mahrez was a scourge for the PSG defense tonight and also made goalkeeper Navas sweat a lot. With a little more luck, the industrious striker would have had at least one assist and three goals. His delicious cross ball was the introduction to Jesus’ winning goal.
  • Remarkable: 1-1 at Club Brugge, 2-2 at Leipzig and 2-1 at City. PSG could not book a single away win in this group stage. It is the first time since the 2004-2005 season that this has happened to the French national champion.

Kimpembe, Hakimi, Navas and the post keep City ahead

Manchester City still had a bone to pick with PSG after the 2-0 defeat in Paris at the end of September. That had to happen without Kevin De Bruyne, the Red Devil is still in isolation after his positive corona test.

That turned out not to be a loss, because City immediately took command against the stars from Paris. After barely 5 minutes it was almost hit on a free kick from
Mahrez. Navas had been beaten on Rodri’s header, but Kimpembe managed to get the ball off the line.

Fifteen minutes later, Hakimi was the lifesaver for PSG. After a wonderful attack by City, including a heel from Gündogan, he was able to head away a wonderful shot from Mahrez. On the half hour it was up to Marquinhos to block a shot from Zinchenko.

City pressure continued. Mendes unfortunately worked a cross from Cancelo into Gundogan’s feet. He had time and space to take it out, but aimed the ball against the post. Mahrez also took his chance with a handsome place ball, now lay Navas in the way.

A weak PSG could only counter that with a weak shot from Mendes. It was only with the peace in sight that Mbappé was able to dissolve his devils for the first time. After Stones lost the ball, the way to goal was open, but the French star made a rare miss.

One Brazilian is not the other

Due to Club’s painful defeat against Leipzig, both City and PSG were almost certain of a place in the 1/8th finals at the start of the second half. Still at stake: the battle for group victory.

PSG seemed on their way there when they took the lead against the flow of play shortly after the break. MNM finally showed itself in its full glory and a deviated cross from Messi became the perfect assist for Mbappé. He aimed the ball through Ederson’s legs at the second post: 0-1.

A very cold shower for City after the chances from the first half, but the home team did not give up. Navas was able to keep Mahrez from the equalizer around the hour, but moments later it was still hit. Jesus didn’t hit the ball well on a Walker cross, Sterling did and suddenly the signs were level again.

Fifteen minutes before the end, an individual flash from Neymar City seemed to kill the Brazilian, but the Brazilian forgot to finish his dribble. His compatriot Jesus did a lot better immediately afterwards. On a fine finish from Bernardo Silva, he aimed the 2-1 past Navas in one time.

PSG no longer had an answer, Ciy simply finished the match and is thus certain of a group win with 1 match day to go. PSG also push through as 2nd in Group A, although it will have to be a lot better in the knockout phase with the stars from Paris.

  1. second half, minute 94. End. Manchester City secures a group win 2-1, a weak PSG also pushes through to the 1/8th finals as second in Group A. Mbappe surprisingly gave PSG the lead, but Sterling and Jesus put things in order. .
  2. second half, minute 94 match over
  3. Yellow card for Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus during second half, minute 93
  4. second half, minute 90. 3 minutes extra. PSG still have 3 minutes to win a point. But the visitors do not radiate much zest for action. .
  5. second half, minute 89. The match is slowly bleeding to death. Waiting for the final whistle. .
  6. second half, minute 87.
  7. second half, minute 83. There doesn’t seem to be much left in the tank at PSG. The visitors do not give the impression that they can turn the tide. City is firmly in control. .
  8. second half, minute 83.
  9. Yellow card for Manchester City’s João Cancelo during second half, minute 80
  10. second half, minute 77. Jesus puts City ahead! After a solid miss by Neymar, City strikes again with a wonderful attack. Bernardo Silva puts the ball back on Jesus and he makes it 2-1 in one time. Can PSG still respond? .
  11. Second half goal, minute 76 by Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus. 2, 1.
  12. second half, minute 75. What a miss by Neymar! Neymar shows his class with a brilliant action through the center. With a bit of luck he stays in possession of the ball, but once in front of goal it goes wrong and he taps the ball well wide. This deserved a better ending. .
  13. Jesus does not get past Navas. City puts on another fine attack. Jesus is eventually able to print and forces Navas to an excellent rescue. There is a whistle for offside, although it seemed very narrow. . second half, minute 72.
  14. second half, minute 68.
  15. second half, minute 67. Substitution at Paris Saint-Germain, Thilo Kehrer in, Nuno Mendes out
  16. second half, minute 67. Substitution at Paris Saint-Germain, Ángel Di María in, Idrissa Gueye out
  17. second half, minute 64. Sterling takes Navas down! City deserved to come alongside again. After a wonderful rush on the right, Walker extends a cross from Rodri in front of goal in one time. Jesus doesn’t get the ball full, but Sterling does. He puts the signs right again! .
  18. Second half goal, minute 63, by Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling. 1, 1.
  19. Mahrez aims straight at Navas. There is finally City’s reaction to the opening goal. Mahrez can hit from close range, but aims straight at Navas. The PSG goalkeeper keeps the visitors upright once again. . second half, minute 62.
  20. second half, minute 61. Substitution at Paris Saint-Germain, Danilo Pereira in, Ander Herrera out


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