W for the French Tennis Federation – “Roland-Garros, a new setting for a legendary tournament”

“Roland-Garros, a new setting for a legendary tournament”

Created in 1925, the Roland-Garros tournament needed a new start. In 2014, W and the French Tennis Federation embarked on a seven-year collaboration to restore it to its former glory and project it into the future. The brand’s codes have been revisited and the overall experience of Roland-Garros as a cultural place has been redefined, to reinforce its uniqueness. Spaces augmented by legendary history and all the little stories that make Roland-Garros a mythical arena where the greatest champions have inscribed their exploits in legend have thus been created. The reception has also been redesigned, the food offer is premiumized and the shopping experience transformed by drawing on the DNA of Parisian department stores. This new setting will also have the honor of hosting tennis, boxing and wheelchair basketball and rugby events during the 2024 Games.



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