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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. trains hard to beat his 2021 season

by archysport

Last winter Vladimir Guerrero Jr. took his training seriously and it paid off. The Blue Jays player has had a great season, ahead of a major baseball star.

But obviously, the young man does not want to stop there. He understood the recipe for success and he wants to make sure he does everything he can to stay on top.

To do this, he wanted to play in the Dominican Winter League, but the Blue Jays told him no. It therefore requires training that will allow him to double his results in terms of physical form.

And it’s started. Images of Vladdy in training have surfaced and he is seen working hard.

For the young man, it is important to make sure to work hard in order to arrive in the best physical shape of his career.

It has two purposes. The first is on a personal level: he wants to surpass his 2021 season. Between the lines, we can read that he wants his MVP.

At the team level, he works to win the World Series for his club. This is obviously the goal of all players, but it’s been a few times that I see it from him since he says it in every interview.

And he doesn’t hesitate to say it again.

The Blue Jays first baseman looks to be an excellent point guard for his team. He leads by example in the field, in training and thinks as a team.

All of this was reported by Hector Gomez.

When we look at the way he trains, we can say that it is a good sign for the amateurs of the formation of the Ville-Reine. To see him motivated in November and on the eve of a work stoppage, it’s good news.

And if that can get him to work for a long-term contract with the Blue Jays, we have one more reason to see him get high in training.

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