Visiting Italy, Erick Thohir was greeted by Inter Milan supporters with love – Erick Thohir received a very warm welcome from Inter Milan supporters when he was visiting Italy.

Erick Thohir’s visit to Italy was aimed at accompanying President Joko Widodo in the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit in Rome, Sunday (31/10/2021).

Italy is a country full of memories for the businessman who now serves as the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN).

In 2013, Erick Thohir decided to buy Inter Milan’s shares from the club’s former president, Massimo Moratti.

Erick Thohir revealed the initial intention that led him to take over the shares of I Nerazzurri.

It is said that Erick Thohir at that time took over Inter Milan to help the club which was in a slump.

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This was conveyed by Erick Thohir during an interview with the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport, on the sidelines of his attendance at the G20 Rome Summit.

“Inter Milan is the best club in the world, but when I brought them in in 2013, we were in full transition. From the start it was clear, my intention was to help,” said Erick Thohir in a release received by, Monday (1 / 1) 11/2021).

After taking over Inter Milan in 2013, Erick Thohir sold part of his stake to the Suning Group in 2016.

The Suning Group managed to convince Erick Thohir with an ambitious and solid project for the Nerazzurri.

His position as President of Inter Milan was then replaced by Steven Zhang in 2018.

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One year later, Erick Thohir sold his minority stake in Inter Milan to LionRock.

The presence of Erick Thohir who once helped Inter Milan in the midst of a crisis made him loved by Interisti, a Nerazzurri supporter.

Although it has been a long time since he has been involved with Inter, Erick Thohir’s name is still attached to Interisti’s hearts, especially those in Italy.

Interisti’s love was evident when some of them met Erick Thohir in Rome.

This moment was later immortalized by Erick Thohir in a video he uploaded via Instagram.

In the video, a number of Inter fans warmly greet Erick Thohir in Rome. In fact, Interisti also captured the moment by taking pictures with the former club president.

“I came from Milan and I’m here for vacation. Mr. Erick Thohir is my president (Inter Milan),” said one Interisti.

“Pak Erick saved my team (Inter Milan),” said another Inter fan.

Erick Thohir himself admitted that he was always happy when he met Inter Milan supporters.

“They do remember me and when they meet me, they say hello. They come, stop me, and shout, ‘Forza Inter’,” said Erick Thohir.

Erick Thohir’s love for Inter Milan still persists to this day.

Screenshot of the newspaper Corriere dello Sport The name and story of Erick Thohir with Inter Milan was published in the Italian newspaper, Corriere dello Sport.

This can be seen from the feeling of happiness that emerged after the Nerazzurri won the 2020-2021 Serie A season.

“For the fans, for Steven Zhang, for Moratti. I know that saying it like this is trivial, but my joy that day was simple,” he said.

“I immediately sent a message to a friend, Forza Inter, we are champions,” explained Erick Thohir.

Regarding the Italian League for the 2021-2022 season, Erick Thohir believes that Inter Milan has a great chance to defend the title.

The reason is, the Nerazzurri have a formidable squad, especially in the defense sector.

“This team is good. It needs to be more consistent. The defense is one of the best, Alessandro Bastoni, Stefan De Vrij, Milan Skriniar and then Nicolo Barella,” he said.

“We have looked for similar players everywhere, but we have never found one of the same quality, and I am happy that Marcelo Brozovic and Ivan Perisic are still there,” added Erick Thohir.

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