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Video over-marking. Jean-Luc Maublanc brings his vision to the Léonard-de-Vinci college affair

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Jean-Luc Maublanc, deputy for municipal finances and economic life, explains the point of view of the majority following the case of video over-tagging. (© The Democrat).

It’s a Deputy Mayor calm, a smile on his face, but saddened by the deleterious atmosphere that has reigned for several months within the municipal Council which returns to the affair of the video over-tagging of the Léonard-de-Vinci college in Saint-Marcel (Eure).

“With a rested head and cold, it is true that we have our share of responsibility in this story, expresses the deputy for municipal finances and economic life, Jean-Luc Maublanc. We should have stepped up our communication and better explained to families by working with the parents’ association. “

It should be remembered that within the Léonard-de-Vinci college, families of Saint-Marcel but also of La Chapelle-Longueville (Eure), complained about contraventions received, while they were dropping off or coming to pick up their children.

If the deputy admits a lack of communication, in the broad sense, he reaffirms that there has been prevention and some pedagogy, during Several weeks. However, given the scale of the situation and to try to make a gesture towards the sanctioned families, the deputy would have tried to have the fines canceled during this period. « I called, took some information. I tried to make a move, but unfortunately it is not possible. “

Technology vs. human

One of the questions that we are entitled to ask concerns the benefits of the gradual disappearance of human relations, in municipalities that do not have an excessive population, in favor of technology.

“It is true that before when the police issued a ticket, we were aware because we saw them. Today, we receive the fine and the time to realize that we are in violation, we can accumulate tickets. “

Jean-Luc MaublancDeputy Mayor

To remedy the situation, one of the solutions provided would be the creation of a minute stop, rue de la Plaine.

“They like to make the buzz”

As for the relations and the various polemics raised by the opposition of 100% Saint-Marcel, Jean-Luc Maublanc wonders whether the group’s speeches are in the interest of Saint-Marcellois.

“They like to create a buzz. When we discuss municipal projects, we talk about concrete things that are of interest to citizens. “

The attacks for many months by Remi Ferreira, annoy Jean-Luc Maublanc who has decided to leave the woods to respond to the young leader of 100% Saint-Marcel.

“We made mistakes, but in our place would it have been perfect? If he acts in the interest of Saint-Marcel and not his, that he explains why he appeared on Vernon? If he believes that he is the future of Saint-Marcel, why at the time did he not go to see Gérard Volpatti to tell him that the future was him? “

Jean-Luc MaublancDeputy Mayor


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