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Venezuela with new flag bearers at the Pan American Games in Cali | Other Sports 123

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Iván Holguín López / @ivan_baloncesto

The Cali Junior Pan American Games they began today and (with the broadcast of Meridiano Televisión), with some competitions where several Creole athletes were present. However, the most representative moment of the day came with the inaugural parade of the great event, where Venezuela had as flag bearers two different athletes than those that were stipulated.

The standard bearers

At first, it was considered that at the head of the Creole delegation they would be carrying the tricolor flag, Katherin Echandía and the U23 baseball team.

But a few minutes before the start of the event, the journalist Andrés Henríquez reported through his social networks that the baseball team would not be at the ceremony, since they had to travel to Barranquilla where tomorrow they will play their first match of the tournament against Nicaragua. In the same way Henríquez confirmed that Echandía I would not be at the ceremony.

Henríquez had announced that Manuel Quijada of the representation of Badminton It would be the only one who would carry the flag, however, for the inauguration the athlete would have the company of the Creole representative in the heptathlon, Marienger chirinos.

In the Tokyo 2020 Olympics something similar happened, when Yulimar Rojas was unable to attend the opening ceremony and Karen Leon was the athlete who accompanied Antonio Diaz as standard bearers of the event.


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