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Venansault. Very attractive healthy sports sessions

by archysport

Three questions to …

Freddy Remigereau sports leader of the town.

A meeting was offered to seniors in the town at the beginning of September. How did they react to this sporting proposal?

About fifty people showed interest and attended this meeting. Since then, 53 people have registered for the sessions offered on Monday morning and Thursday morning.

Among those registered, there are people who have never done sport or very little, but we also have an 82-year-old who plays sports every day, she is incredible!

Who leads the sessions?

On Mondays, they are hosted by Aurélie Papin, adapted sport facilitator, from the Vendée Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee. For my part, I host the Thursday sessions. Twelve to fifteen people participate in each session.

Whether on Monday or Thursday, the sessions take place from 9:30 am to 10:30 am and from 10:30 am to 11:30 am On Monday, it takes place in the dance hall, under the Acacias hall, and Thursday, at the dojo, at the sports complex.

What diplomas and training are necessary for this kind of sports animation?

My BEES diploma (state certificate for sports educator) allows me to supervise initiation with all audiences. Since 2020, I have been taking additional training in adapted sport with the Creps de Nantes. The idea is to offer maintenance sport, to work on balance, memory, coordination, flexibility… We may have to offer very different things, it could just as well be sport with a ball, as outdoor orienteering or even archery.

Contact: Tel. 06 14 99 20 10.


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