Two tickets for the National Absolute of judo

This Sunday the Northern Sector Phase of the Absolute Spanish Judo Championship, in which the representatives of the Basque Country, La Rioja, Navarra and Aragon, only two or three representatives from each region can participate in this event.

In this phase, only two athletes by weight get a place, so it is must be gold or silver, since the third parties are left without the possibility of going to the final phase despite being on the podium.

For the Club Ibón School It was a good day since both Raquel Miret and Elena Catalán, gold in their respective categories, They will be at the Nacional in Madrid during the Immaculate Bridge, and also Alba Ramírez was bronze at an especially difficult weight. All three were directed and accompanied by their coaches Raúl and María Poblador.

And on the part of Judo Binéfar, Manuel Alonso carried out a magnificent competition in the -66 kg category. that led him to the semifinals, achieving a well-deserved bronze medal. For his part, his teammate Moussa Macalou in category -73 came with a foot injury despite which he competed getting to be in Fifth place after winning his first two fights despite his limitations. Equally noteworthy is the participation of Alejandro Mairal in -60, who made his debut in a competition of this magnitude with a powerful huchi-mata attack being contracted by his Basque opponent, and Eduardo Rosas in -73 kg.

Bad luck has persecuted the literary team this time, Since in addition to Moussa Macalou, Sergio García also recently suffered an injury that prevented him from attending the event despite having clear chances of getting a pass for the final event.

And on the part of Judo Huesca its two representatives in Pamplona, ​​Leo Cruz and Sandra Hidalgo, they couldn’t get a ticket to Madrid.




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