Two Biscayan in the semi-final of the Biharko Izarrak tournament

Murua hits the ball with his left foot under the watchful eye of his teammate Ibarloza. / Ignacio Pérez

Aitor Etxebarria and Ibarloza will face each other for a place in the final after winning their duels in the championship sponsored by El CORREO

The semi-finals of the Biharko Izarrak amateur ball tournament, which is held in Mallabia and sponsored by El CORREO, will be attended by two from Bizkaia. Aitor Etxebarria and Ibarloza will meet on Tuesday for a place in the summit clash after their respective victories in the last round of the quarterfinals.

The Nabarniz forward and Aitor Elizegi brought out their seniority against Nazabal and Irazustabarrena and took the match with authority (22-10). Both combinations started quite cold, but the Colorados settled down better and, after the tie at two, they opened an important gap that gave them the necessary peace of mind to manage the rest of the crash (9-2). Irazustabarrena was not fine and his forward was more concerned with defending than with anything else.

The Blues tried to reduce the difference and, although they managed to get to five goals, their instability remained (12-7). Aitor Etxebarria brought out his most aggressive version at the right moment and, in good company, signed a much more solid second half.

In the first duel, Murua and Ibarloza were also superior to Unai Alberdi and Cordón (11-22). The Gipuzkoan striker set the pace for the contest, while Markina’s had a very regular performance and did not make a single mistake. It was clear when to release the ball and when to hold, and everything was easier for them.

Zaldibar and Lezama

The colorados presented battle until the tie to six. It was from then on when his rivals put land in the middle with a shot of ten goals in which Murua squeezed himself. From then on the road to the end was easier.

In the Olazar de Zaldibar tournament, Apezetxea will play against Irribarria in the Cuatro y Medio, and Lerena-Sánchez against J. Alberdi-Loza, in pairs. Tomorrow (19.30) in the Comarcal of Lezama, Egiguren-Elosegi face Rekalde-Arbaiza, in promises, and Senar-Garmendia to Espinal-Alduntzin, in senior.



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