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THW Kiel and Filip Jicha selfish in Corona crisis

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EIt is normal to look to your own advantage in sporting competition within the framework of the rules. If the opponent’s best player gets injured, it probably improves your own situation. Coined on the pandemic: If players are prevented by vaccination breakthroughs in the fiercest competitor, it increases the chance that the competitor will lose. But can this narrow view be the only way of looking at a sport like handball, the existence of which is threatened by Corona in the highest league in this country?

Filip Jicha, the trainer of THW Kiel, was outraged in the “Kieler Nachrichten” that the games in Magdeburg and Flensburg were canceled on the weekend. There were vaccination breakthroughs in both teams. Jicha reminded that the THW had to compete in October when Sagosen and Weinhold were missing after breakthroughs in vaccination. “That’s not fair,” Jicha told the newspaper, “we had to keep playing and paid dearly for it.” Without the leading players, Kiel was three times without a win.

It is not the first time that Jicha only sees the interests of his club. Last season, after a quarantine, the THW had to play against SC Magdeburg without preparation and left one point. Even then, the Czech was angry. The big issue in the league back then was solidarity.

Only handball? This is too little

Personal goals and those of the club were put aside by those responsible and clubs in order to ensure the continued existence of professional handball in the pandemic. Players were absent due to infection, games were canceled and had to be made up at inconvenient times. Hardly anyone complained. Jicha, on the other hand, looked as if he was basically looking at everything through THW glasses.


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