Three young “tigers” ready for an important regional judo challenge – Lo Strillone News

Francesco Maria Bruno, Antonio Carriere and Elio Palazzo with the master Milone

The Tiger school continues to forge new talents in view of the various national tournaments with Csen, CONI’s first national sports promotion body. On 4 December the little champions will fight in an important regional competition organized by the Csen Bari regional committee of presidents Massimo and Domenico Marzullo.

The 3 athletes chosen by maestro Giuseppe Milone are Vincenzo Leuzzi, Angelo Di Summa and Marco Ippolito.

“We strongly believe in young people – comments Milone – and we thank the parents for their trust in the Tiger school and in my work, often only those who are used to fighting in life see what one can do alone with not a few difficulties. The pandemic is not over but we martial artists have always been ready to fight against adversity. Long live the sport and obviously the martial arts, we in judo have always been a family, we are ready and we are the Tiger school. Thanks to all the friends who follow us ”.


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