“The Warriors are my favorites for the title”; “The best for Russ and the Lakers is to transfer him I think”

The identity of the MVP of this start of the season is clear for Tracy McGrady :

« Chef Curry »

Stephen Curry leads his team, 1st in the Western Conference (12-2), with a masterful hand. In 14 games played, he is at 28.7 points (45.4% on shots, 40.6% on 3-points), 6.3 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 1.7 steal in 33.5 minutes on average.

“They got off to a great start, they’re my favorites for the title, and he’s playing at a phenomenal level. Have you seen them play? They are very tough. They’re hard to defend because they pass the ball around, it’s really altruistic basketball, and they do that without Klay Thompson for now, so imagine when he’ll come back. It’s going to be a real show. »Tracy McGrady

The former Magic star then the Rockets does not believe in the chances of the Lakers, and even believes that the latter should part with their big summer acquisition: Russell Westbrook.

“I think the best thing for Russ and the Lakers is to transfer him. »Tracy McGrady

via Sports Illustrated




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