The Verstappen-Hamilton duel continues off the tarmac

The qualifying fight for the Brazilian Grand Prix sprint started off the tarmac. Throughout the day, eyes were fixed on the FIA ​​commissioners who had to make a key decision for the development of the World Cup. After reporting that Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes DRS did not comply with the regulations, it was necessary to see what sanction the race management imposed on the seven-time champion. At the same time, the punishment for Max Verstappen had to be made public after touching the British car in a closed park, which in the end was 50,000 euros. Two hours before the start of the race came the communication that left the Mercedes box frozen: Hamilton was disqualified and had to come out last in the race in the sprint. There was only one option left if the Briton did not want to abdicate from the World Cup: to go back without a break in the 24 laps of the classification in Interlagos.

When the traffic lights went out for the first time this weekend at the Interlagos circuit, the battle really began. With an impeccable start from Carlos Sainz to finish third, the cameras held on to Hamilton, who won four places in the first laps. Gradually, the Briton was advancing, like an exhalation, more than ten riders in the first half of the race. The main straight was Hamilton’s favorite place to leave behind all the cars he found on his way. Finally, he crossed the finish line in fifth place. For a penalty accumulated for the change of a mechanical element in the Mercedes, the Briton will start the Brazilian Grand Prix (18h, DAZN) from the tenth position.

The three points of the race in the sprint were for Valtteri Bottas, who, as a faithful squire, capped Max Verstappen. The Red Bull could not beat the Finn and will leave in the race on Sunday to catapult to the World Cup. Carlos Sainz, third, closed the first podium of Interlagos.



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