The supply crisis leaves the paddle tennis and tennis courts without balls

The global supply crisis is engulfing the stock of almost everything and threatens to leave some empty shelves without the production centers and logistics chains being able to do much to solve it. From semiconductors … to mobile phones and the fashion console, through automobile parts, glass or wood, but also to Mc Donald’s chicken and toys – as La Información recently revealed – and now even by sports equipment.

To the very strong demand of China and to a lesser extent other economies in full recovery have joined the stoppages in their factories to control the outbreaks of Covid or to counteract a difficult electricity bill, the shortage of raw materials, the maritime trade jam, the lack of containers and the vertical escalation of the price of freight … The last to suffer this coven of economic ‘shocks’ have been paddle tennis and tennis fans … There are no balls.

The problem is not limited to padel or tennis balls … or paddles and rackets, but rather It has affected footwear, textiles and other types of sports equipment for a few months– and many stores will not be able to count on new models to offer their customers for the Reyes campaign. They have never seen anything like it before in the sector. 80% of the sports equipment that is imported in Spain – from China, to base me, but also from other Asian countries such as Vietnam or Indonesia – arrives by sea and the sharp increase in freight costs and delayed delivery times has obliged to bring part of the material by air.



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