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the second season is coming

by archysport

From Thursday 25 November, every two weeks at 20.40, come back upstairs Sky Art The Square. Space for culture, the series created by TIWI and conducted by Nicolas Ballario that tells l’art and culture in all their forms, through services, guests, in-depth entertainment and events not to be missed.

In first season artists, musicians, directors, actors, dancers and workers in the field of culture, entertainment and art they found inside The Square a stage for their projects.

Directors like Alice Rohrwacher e Pupi Avati; musicians and singers such as Davide Toffolo, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Rodrigo D’Erasmo, Francesco Bianconi e Samuel Bersani; authors, writers, cartoonists like Nicola Lagioia, Serena Dandini, Carlo Lucarelli, Daria Bignardi e Bad comics;entertainers such as Stefano Fresi, Marco Giallini, Luca Bizzarri e Drusilla Foer; artists like Lady Tarin, Valerio Berruti, Giovanni Gastel and many others were guests of the site dedicated to art and culture. The program was recognized by Artribune as the most interesting television novelty of the year in the artistic field.

This year the space of The Square broadens its horizons and becomes a magazine, which tells about the proposals of the art world and its protagonists at 360 °. In addition to welcoming and interviewing guests in his studio-construction site, Nicolas will introduce special services from exhibitions and museums throughout Italy.

Among the novelties, the animated column Crazy Times. The craziest years in the history of art, which tells the most curious years of the twentieth century through the lens of art, culture and history and describes the flow of the world during the creation of the greatest masterpieces. The first episode of the second season from The Square aired on 25 November opens with the preview announcement of the three finalists of the MAXXI Bvlgari Prize, the contemporary art award dedicated to young talents, interviewed for the occasion.

Immediately after, the animated column Crazy Times. The craziest years in the history of art tells us the story of 1967, a less famous year than 1968, yet full of cultural and artistic events that have left their mark as the world changed following the advent of flower power and the contraceptive pill. The guest in the studio of this episode is Roberta Tenconi, co-curator of the exhibition Breath Ghosts Blind by Maurizio Cattelan at the Pirelli HangarBicocca until February 22nd. It then continues with a great actress, Isabella Rossellini, who tells about his latest docu-film: Pompeii. Eros and myth, directed by Pappi Corsicato, in cinemas from 29 November to 1 December.

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