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The runrún: A local hostess interrupts the rehearsals of the Dinner | Huelva24

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In its profile on the Facebook social network, the Huelva Dinner Group says that in the middle of the rehearsal, its musicians were “forced to cease their musical activity at the express request of the Local Police, who came to our premises. The current situation It forces us to carry out our tests in the middle of the street, in extreme conditions of low temperatures and poor visibility. Until a few weeks ago, we have been carrying out our tests next to the Carolina Marín Sports Palace, but with the start of the conditioning works for the World Cup Badminton, we have had to move temporarily to the door of our premises. We want to make it clear that the problem is not the ‘noise’, which is why we are forced to stop. Given the location of our premises, we have not received any neighborhood complaints from the closest blocks. What bothers is the presence, at our door, of the entire human group that meets from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., due to the type of activity that takes place within the premises that is right in front of us. In all this time we have tried to reach an agreement with the owner of said establishment, in order to reach a good understanding, something difficult when one of the parties uses the route of insult and threat as a means of dialogue. As we comply with all our administrative obligations, we abide by and respect all that is contained in the [Img #289475]Municipal ordinances, But this does not mean that it is no longer pleasant for the Police to appear and force you to stop the trial as if it were a crime. We also take the opportunity to clarify that the treatment of the security forces was correct, and that we also do not blame the Huelva City Council for what happened yesterday. We publicly appreciate the expressions of affection from all the people, supporters and colleagues from other Bands for the expressions of solidarity. As we said a few days ago, neither the Covid nor the cold will be able to with us. See you today at 9:00 p.m., like more than 40 years ago“Even one of his musicians, Tono La O Martín, he also went further on his Facebook profile, pointing out that “They will not shut us up! In the more than 20 years as a brother musician, it is the first time that the police have come to the door of our rehearsal room and force us to stop the rehearsal. All due to the call of the owner of a hostess place that we have in front of our rehearsal room. The same person that a few weeks ago threatened and insulted us. From here, I ask all my contacts to share the publication to see if we send it to the leaders, governors and authorities of our city since before in cases like this we see ourselves helpless and unprotected and they do not let us carry out our activity. ” their social networks their solidarity with the La Cena de Huelva Group, among others, the Consolación de Huelva Music Band or the Nazareno, Humility and Health Brotherhoods.

[Img #289476]Would you like to taste incense? Like many do not know, but in addition to the traditional tastings of wines, oils, cheeses, beers, etc.… Apparently there are tastings of another series of products that are not precisely foods that are eaten or drunk. We refer to incense, which marks the characteristic smell of Holy Week with street processions and other religious celebrations. The brotherhoods will return to the streets, but it seems that there are people interested in having these smells already at Christmas time to mitigate the anxiety that these holy days produce. Everyone knows that what incense is, what it is “a preparation of aromatic vegetable resins, to which essential oils of animal or vegetable origin are often added, so that when burning it gives off a fragrant smoke for religious, therapeutic or aesthetic purposes”. Well, this is what the participants in the first incense tasting in Huelva will have. It will take place in Plaza del Punto this Saturday. It will start at 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm, four hours more than intense to see the variety that this world offers. The organization is run by Souvenirs Huelva, which has spread the tasting on social networks.

[Img #289483]Charity Black Friday in Isla Chica. Between so much advertising message and mail with the word “discount” in capital letters in the subject, sometimes it is necessary to highlight initiatives that are unmarked from the consumer wave of these days and add a solidarity dye amid so much spending, although, on this occasion, it should be noted that it comes from the customers themselves. And it does so thanks to the proposal of Javier Leon, whose fashion store for guests, flamenco and accessories is located in the Huelva neighborhood of Isla Chica. The young businessman has decided to bring a more human nuance to the famous Black Friday through the rounding strategy. Here the users are the protagonists, since they are the ones who decide -or not- round the price of the items to donate the remainder to My Princess Rett, an association dedicated to Rett Syndrome research. Thus, under the motto ‘Crown yourself with a round gesture’, from this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. until Friday night, buying in this store near the capital of Huelva can have a solidarity purpose if the customer so wishes. As Javier has shared on his social networks (@jleon_eyc), these days discounts will be 10% on accessories and up to 50% on clothing items. In addition, the store is in liquidation because it is moving to a larger store just across the street.


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