The Prosecutor’s Office asks for two years in prison for the former president of Valencia for abuses

News about the trial to former president of Valencia Pedro Cortés. The Valencia Provincial Prosecutor’s Office requests a sentence of two years in prison for the one who was a delegate of the Selection for sexual abuse of a minor. This is clear from the qualification, in which the prosecutor attributes to Cortés a crime of sexual abuse over 18 years old and under 16 years old.

This matter is processed in the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Paterna (Valencia), which opened proceedings in November 2020 as a result of the Complaint by a Valencia CF youth academy player against Cortés for alleged sexual abuse. An indictment was recently issued and the judge gave the parties a deadline to request the opening of the trial or the file of the case.

The prosecutor has requested the opening of a trial against Cortés and, together with the jail sentence, requires that the accused be prohibited approach at a distance of not less than 500 meters from the victim for four years. As a civil liability, he claims 6,000 euros for the damages caused to the minor, plus the legal interests.

As stated by the prosecutor, the parents of the young man, born in 2004, signed a representation contract in the development of football activity with a company managed by the accused’s son. This fact – always according to the same brief from the public prosecutor – made it easier for the accused to have regular contact with the minor, who lived in the residence of the Ciudad Deportiva del Valencia CF.

As a result of the contact that Pedro Cortés had with the young man and due to the recognition of the accused in the world of football, a relationship of trust was forged between the victim and the accused.


On November 22, 2020, as on other occasions, the accused invited the minor to eat with his family, So at about 1:00 p.m. he picked him up and they both went to a restaurant from the city of Valencia, where they were with other relatives of Cortés.

“I’m going to eat you whole”

At one point, according to the prosecutor, during the meal, Cortés, with a lustful spirit, approached the minor’s ear and whispered “I’m going to eat you whole”, although the food continued normally.

Once they had concluded, the defendant went together with the minor in his vehicle to the Sports City and On the way, Cortés placed his right hand on the minor’s left thigh. and began to massage him in a circular shape.

He moved his hand to the genital area of ​​the young man and came to place it on the private parts. At that moment the minor removed Cortés’s hand, who immediately told the victim: “There is only one life and you have to enjoy it.” The minor’s parents complain about these facts.




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