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The president of the International Olympic Committee confirms that tennis player Peng Shuai is safe after holding a video call with her

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21 nov 2021 20:38 GMT

During the conversation, which lasted 30 minutes, the two agreed to have dinner next week in Beijing.

The president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, held a video call this Sunday with Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, whose well-being and whereabouts had been raising concerns for more than two weeks.

The call lasted 30 minutes, during which the athlete assured that “she is safe and well, living at her home in Beijing, but that she would like to that your privacy will be respected at this time, “says the IOC in a release. He details that Peng stated that he will continue to participate in the sport.

Likewise, Bach and Peng agreed have dinner together in Beijing when it arrives in the Chinese capital next week. The meeting will be attended by famous badminton player Li Lingwei and the president of the IOC Athletes Commission, hockey defender Emma Terho.

“I was relieved to see that Peng Shuai was fine, which was our main concern. Seemed to be relaxed. I offered him our support and to be in contact at any time of his convenience, which he obviously appreciated, “said Terho.

International controversy

Earlier this month, the capture of a Peng post on Weibo, dated November 2, began circulating on social media. The text states that about 3 years ago, after leaving the government, Zhan invited the tennis player to a dinner at his home, where he pressured her to have sex with him.

“That afternoon I did not agree at first and cried,” says the publication. However, eventually the athlete agreed to have an affair with the politician, which took place in secret for a year, she says. The next day, the publication was no longer accessible on Peng’s page, while the tennis player stopped posting on her social networks and appearing in public.

These events sparked an international controversy regarding Peng’s well-being and whereabouts. Both the White House and the UN Human Rights Office and tennis stars expressed concern about the case. In turn, the director of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Steve Simon, threatened to suspend the association’s tournaments in China.

However, on Friday and Saturday two journalists from Chinese official media shared images of Peng at his home and in a restaurant with his coach and friends. The next day, he appeared on the networks in a video of the opening of a teenage tournament in Beijing.

The 35-year-old Peng has been successful in the doubles discipline, reaching the peak of her career in 2014, becoming number one in the WTA. In total, it has 23 titles in doubles and is currently in the 192nd position in the WTA ‘ranking’.

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