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The Playoffs – Browns Easily Win Sunday Nigh Football Against Giants

by archysport

The Sunday Night Football of Week 15 duel was very smooth and without too many emotions. The Cleveland Browns visited the New York Giants this Sunday (20) and won by 20-3, with another good performance by Baker Mayfield.

It was the Browns’ 10th win of the season, who are getting closer and closer to returning to the playoffs after 18 years without a game. The Giants had a chance to take the lead in NFC East, but that turned out to be the team’s ninth loss in 2020, with just five wins.

The New York franchise lacked quarterback Daniel Jones, and the starter was Colt McCoy, who ended up playing a very shy game. Cleveland’s QB, on the other hand, managed two touchdown passes and 297 aerial yards.

(Foto: Twitter/Cleveland Browns)


The match started with both defenses producing a lot. The Browns had a turnover on downs, thanks to good play but mostly a weird call from the Giants. Initially, the team would kick a simple field goal, however, the players changed positions and the holder attempted a pass in the end zone, which failed.

Then it was the house owners’ turn to force a turnover on downs. Cleveland tried to convert a 4th for two yards, but the defense acted well and didn’t allow Austin Hooper’s reception.

With possession again, the Giants didn’t make the same mistake, and kicked field goal when they got the chance. However, the Browns returned with a touchdown straight away. In a nearly seven-minute campaign, Mayfield found Hooper free in the end zone to score.

Cleveland’s defense successfully reappeared and forced another turnover on downs. It was a bucket of cold water for the Giants as the drive lasted more than seven minutes and the team left without scoring again.

The Browns, on the other hand, managed to score another touchdown before the break. The offense came easily into the red zone, and Mayfield made a short pass for Jarvis Landry to score more points.

In the second stage, the teams returned sleepy and little was done. Cleveland scored another touchdown to declare victory, with Nick Chubb running down the middle of the line.

The Giants tried some attacking moves, but none of the touchdowns showed up. Kicker Graham Gano kicked another field goal to make the score 20-6 in the Browns’ favor.

Cleveland could qualify for the playoffs next week if they beat the New York Jets at the same MetLife Stadium. The Giants play the Baltimore Ravens away from home in Week 16 and need to win to keep dreaming of conquering the division.


Thursday (12/17)

Los Angeles Chargers 30 @ 27 Las Vegas Raiders (OT)

Saturday (19/12)

Buffalo Bills 48 @ 19 Denver Broncos
Carolina Panthers 16 @ 24 Green Bay Packers

Sunday (12/20)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 @ 27 Atlanta Falcons
San Francisco 49ers 33 @ 41 Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions 25 @ 46 Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans 20 @ 27 Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots 12 @ 22 Miami Dolphins
Chicago Bears 33 @ 27 Minnesota Vikings
Seattle Seahawks 20 @ 15 Washington Football Team
Jacksonville Jaguars 14 @ 40 Baltimore Ravens
New York Jets 23 @ 20 Los Angeles Rams
Philadelphia Eagles 26 @ 33 Arizona Cardinals
Kansas City Chiefs 32 @ 29 New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns 20 @ 6 New York Giants – SNF

Monday (12/21)

22h15 – Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

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