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The NFL Pool of Personalities on ESPN: Week 12

by archysport

Our very special NFL guest-fans release their reckless picks for Matchday Twelfth games

The 2021 season of the NFL is approaching the final stretch and the arrival of the Week 12, indicates that it is time to start separating the contenders from the suitors in the NFL Pool of Personalities in ESPN.

Our outstanding fans do their best to figure out the future, and not miss a beat in selecting the winning teams.

Who will be able to keep the winning step until the end?

They participate this season in the First NFL Pool of Personalities in ESPN, the radio host and communicator Ari Mountains; and influence Francisco AlanísSleeper‘; the actor Jose Manuel LechugaLechugol‘; the Mexican soccer player of Atlanta United, Jürgen Damm; the former goalkeeper of the Mexican team, Oscar Rabbit Pérez; the musician Alejandro Rosso from Plastilina Mosh; and the professional wrestler Rush.

We present the selections, with results, for the Week 12 of the regular season of the NFL of our NFL Pool of Personalities in ESPN:

The Week 11 kept to Soups in the lead, but Jürgen took a big leap in pursuit of the lead as we approached the final stretch of the race.


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