The new president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador is received with approval by the government of Nayib Bukele

With 36 votes in favor, Armando Bruni, head of the Salvadoran Badminton Federation, won the presidency of the El Salvador Olympic Committee (COES).

A year and a half after the Central American and Caribbean Games, El Salvador’s Olympic movement has changed leadership at a time when the conflict with the government threatened the celebration of the mega-event.

With a total of 36 votes in favor, Armando Bruni, head of the Salvadoran Badminton Federation, won the presidency of the El Salvador Olympic Committee (COES).

Bruni’s election ended the era of Eduardo Palomo, who was president since 2008 and also prevailed in the 2012 and 2017 elections.

In the vote, the roster headed by Bruni won 36 to 9 over the other led by Fabricio Hernández, president of the Salvadoran Federation of Bodybuilding and vice president of Palomo.

The vote was carried out by show of hands. Regarding a possible controversy or disapproval of this method instead of the secret vote proposed by the losing list, Bruni ruled out a probable challenge, also taking into account the marked majority.

“The imputation is a right, but the Assembly voted for it to be by show of hands and our statutes allow it,” he commented to the newspaper “Co Latino.”

Juan Santiago Estrada, from Nicaragua, was present at the Election Assembly of the new COES executive, as an observer for the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“We congratulate the winning roster, we will work with you in the transition,” said Palomo.

The president of Centro Caribe Sports, the Dominican Luis Mejía Oviedo, confirmed to Around The Rings, that the day after the election he chatted for an hour by videoconference with Bruni.

“We have been updating ourselves on their plans, their purposes, and the preparations for the Games,” said Mejía.

One day before the elections, Mejía, for CCS, Palomo, for COES, Yamil Bukele as president of the National Sports Institute, and Mario Durán, mayor of San Salvador, signed the agreement that makes the Central American capital official as the headquarters of the XXIV Games.

The Opening Ceremony is set for May 12, 2023.

In the coming days, a commission from Centro Caribe Sports will travel to El Salvador to begin supervising the construction and assembly works of the event. Representatives of CCS will be established in that city for direct monitoring of the preparations.

“The sport won! Armando Bruni and roster (his list) will preside over the new executive committee of the El Salvador Olympic Committee. Congratulations! ”Bukele wrote on Twitter.

Bukele participated in the electoral Assembly in his capacity as president of the Salvadoran Basketball Federation.

“A change was necessary after 13 years. I think the Federations made a good decision ”, Bukele told Around the Rings.

The sports leader revealed that the presence of the IOC observer was due to a letter sent to the IOC by 35 national federations requesting “support to ensure transparency and good manners” in the elections.

“We congratulate the winning roster, we will work with you in the transition,” said Eduardo Palomo.

Around the Rings He also asked Palomo for his opinions on the outcome of the elections.

As for the Central American and Caribbean Games, Bukele said he was “running” when referring to the short time remaining for the inauguration. He praised the creation of a “Sports Cabinet” by the Government led by his brother, Nayib Bukele, the signing of the contract with CCS, the appointment of the Organizing Committee and the tenders for nine venues this November.

In January there will be the official launch of the Games brand, the slogan, and other promotional activities of the event.

I am not in favor of talking about divorce between COES and INDES. I see an opportunity to build an understanding agreement together, where we respect each other, but work hand in hand to move the country forward. The Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador are the perfect opportunity to show that together we can do great things, ”Bruni told local media.

More than 5,000 athletes from 38 countries are expected to participate in the multidisciplinary event

The San Salvador Games will be held less than six months before the XIX Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.



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