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The new food rules that Steven Gerrard imposed at Aston Villa

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Steven Gerrard made his debut at Aston Villa with a 2-0 win over Brighton (Photo: Reuters)

Steven Gerrard arrived at Aston Villa with the pressure of its history in the Premier League and the obligation to make react to a team that did not start the season in the best way. The man who was a symbol of Liverpool put first in his brand new institution and decided to implement new dietary rules in tune with what has been done by Antonio Conte at Tottenham: eliminated ketchup and mayonnaise from the template diet, among other things.

The trend around the prohibition of dressings was installed with the arrival of the Italian technician to the Spurs. “Being a professional means you have to take care of your body,” he explained at the time. Conte landed in the most competitive league on the planet to impose its rules: “I can look at the nutritionist’s results and see if this is okay or not and maybe they are not eating well outside of training. Exercise and play are only the final part of your job. You have to prepare your body, your mind and also your heart “.

It was a matter of days before the new coach of the VillainsGerrard, follow the same steps as your colleague. “Players must have the right mindset. Go beyond it all. They need to eat well to be elite “he argued in one of his early press conferences. The main objective of the former Liverpool player is for the squad to lose weight and that’s why he also removed from the training center sodas, ketchup, puddings, and hot chocolate, as detailed by the Spanish newspaper Mark.

Emiliano Martínez will have to adapt to Gerrard's new diet at Aston Villa (Photo: Reuters)
Emiliano Martínez will have to adapt to Gerrard’s new diet at Aston Villa (Photo: Reuters)

Eating and sleeping hours are essential to improve the performance of the players on the field of play. In the past, other English football coaches implemented measures with this goal: Josep Guardiola banned pizza at Manchester City and David Moyes canceled French fries on the West Ham menu at the time. As football progresses, the search continues for an increasingly healthy day-to-day for footballers who must compete every week.

But it is not all bad news for Argentines Emiliano Martínez and Emiliano Buendía: every so often they will be allowed a sweet as allowed. Just before games, when carbohydrate energy is most needed. Gerrard’s start was positive so far: he beat 2-0 at Brighton. The former Liverpool returned to England after managing Scottish Rangers for three and a half years.


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