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The impression was made that the dialogue was not established

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Turkish Basketball Federation (TBF) President Hidayet Türkoğlu, TBF Board Members, A National Men’s Basketball Team administrative staff, players and members of the press attended the media day held at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

Making a statement on the media day, President Türkoğlu said, “The national team is one of the situations that we care about the most as a federation and that we take responsibility for. In terms of women, we think we started well with two wins. In the upcoming period, we will encounter victories in the national teams with two wins in the Belarus and England matches of the A National Men’s Team. First of all, I would like to thank our teacher and our athletes, they prepared well. All the friends who get a chance in these matches will make the whole meaning of the jersey, its value, with their energy and desire. We wish them all success. As the management, we do our part to make them concentrate only on basketball. They are aware of how meaningful and valuable the jersey is.”


Stating that the Turkish people have always supported their national teams, Hidayet Türkoğlu said, “As a people, we have become the people who support the national team in the best way possible. The hall will be packed for the match we will play against England at 19.00 on Sunday. We can’t thank the team enough for going out on the field and not leaving the team alone after that. Things have happened that the pandemic has upset us all. We hope it gets better. More pleasant days await us when the halls become crowded. We will experience that joy and enthusiasm with the national team this Sunday. We cannot thank our people enough for all their support,” he said.


Türkoğlu said the following regarding the future short and long-term goals of the national team:
“As a team, we are getting ready with the most experienced friends in our country, who have played the most, and we will play with that team. The structuring in terms of staff is the process that our coaches will do. Everyone knows how important each match is. We invited friends who are useful to play in our country. Young friends will take time. As a team, we are aware that our National Team should come out with a winning team in every match. Our goal is to participate in the European and World championships as a country. These friends are our future. Those who are here will win the jersey for two matches, but the staff change will be in the coach and the team. We would like to welcome you to the federation and explain the more detailed process of planning.”


Underlining that they are in constant communication with the basketball players playing abroad, Türkoğlu said, “There was an impression that there was no dialogue since the friends who went from here went to the NBA. It’s sad to hear this. Both me and other friends are in dialogue. We always take care of them closely. It makes us sad that we are treated as if we are not talking to these friends during these processes. Whether it’s the friends there or the friends here, we are the management in contact. There is not much age difference between us, we are at the level of brother and sister relations. We will do our best, they are part of this national team. Our friends who proudly represent our country. Both me and all my friends are interested in everyone as much as necessary,” he said.


Emphasizing the importance of preparing mentally and organizationally for the Belarus and Great Britain matches, A National Men’s Basketball Team Head Coach Orhun Ene said, “These window matches are played after a very limited preparation period. We also acted on the basis of the matches Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe will play on Thursday. We invited 17 people together with Sertaç. We left 2 of our players, 1 in Anadolu Efes and 1 in Fenerbahçe, in their clubs. Although the teams we will play in are at the bottom of the world rankings, their players are playing in good leagues. Our basketball level is good. Here are 2 matches that we need to prepare very well mentally and organizationally. Our capacity is in the middle. We also need concentration to show them on the field. Great Britain is one of the assertive teams in the group. 2 matches will be difficult. If we get through these 2 matches, we will fight for the 1st place in the group. I hope it will be a week that ends with a win,” he said.


Ene said that the teams could not find enough time to prepare because the calendar organized by FIBA ​​for the national matches was short. When this time is not available, we are forced to look at team performances. We may not have been able to spread the basketball we wanted throughout the game in Canada, but it showed a good basketball in terms of desire. We were caught in the fall in the 3rd period of the Greece game. But these processes are the problems experienced by every country and every player. Last season, both our Turkish players playing in the Euroleague and our players playing in the NBA did not get much time during the season. This is not an excuse, but fixing this situation is not something that can be settled in a short time. Unfortunately, due to the insistence of FIBA, these matches are made in a short time. We are very pleased with the quality of our players, but the important thing is to reflect this quality on the field.”


Expressing that they are pleased with the performance of the national players playing in the NBA, the experienced head coach said, “It is a very good development that Ömer Faruk and Alperen are in the squads in the NBA and that Alperen takes a while. Our contact with them, which started since the beginning of last season, continues. It is very important for us that Cedi and Furkan are also in a decision-making position in the team. They take on the role of decision-maker from the role of task man. Unfortunately, 2 of our guards were injured at the last minute of the tournament in Canada and we could not organize the game. Today, the structure of Cedi and Furkan, who organizes the game, is very important in this sense. Hopefully, if Sertaç continues like this this season, we will be a valuable team. But our opponents also have very valuable players. We are having difficulties in getting Turkish players to take part in Euroleague. We saw that other European players were more rhythmic. If Turkish players take these roles, I think this situation will reflect very well on Turkish basketball,” he concluded by speaking.


A National Men’s Basketball Team Captain Melih Mahmutoğlu emphasized the importance of starting with a win and said, “The national team is a place that always excites us, we always come willingly and enjoy playing. We will now take the field for the World Championship Qualifiers. It’s important to start well with Belarus and Great Britain. While I’m here, I congratulate Hidayet Türkoğlu and the board of directors who were re-elected as president. I hope it will be a successful and good year for the national team. We can’t be a full team, we prepare poorly for the matches, but we have very high quality players. They are all doing their best. Now it is very important to fight on the field. On Sunday, we will meet with our fans in this hall and get the atmosphere we miss. It is important to start the first match with a win. We will go to the game by doing our training. I hope it will be a good year for the national team, the Turkish people and the players. There is also the European Championship. It’s also very important. We’ll see match by match. There is one more window in February and summer. “We want to play good matches and get good wins here,” he said.

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