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The Huelva company Gaafote, official brand of the 2021 Badminton World Cups

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The councilor for Citizen Participation and Sports of the Huelva City Council, Mara Teresa Flores; and the Councilor for Tourism, Promotion of Huelva Abroad and University, Francisco Baluffo, have visited this Tuesday the store of the Huelva firm Gaafote, the official brand of the Badminton World Cups in Huelva. It is a visit in which the municipal representatives have known all the exclusive designs created by this company for the World Cup event.

As reported by the Consistory in a press release, Mara Teresa Flores was grateful that “a young firm from Huelva, with great international success, has opted for the most important sporting event in history that our city has hosted.”

Likewise, it has highlighted “the importance that merchandising acquires in a competition of these characteristics, since it creates a brand memory and, with these garments and objects, the image of Huelva will reach many parts of the world and survive”.

Joaqun Rasco, manager of Gaafote, stated that “being present and serving a World Cup is the culmination of any sports brand” and thanked the City Council for its commitment so that “the companies of Huelva can contribute all the good that we do”.

Likewise, in relation to the line made for the World Cup, it has been reported that it is an exclusive design for the event, very varied, which is causing a sensation among those attending the World Cups.

Gaafote, despite being a company that emerged five years ago, has a great team of professionals and significant experience dressing clubs in the United States, reaching markets such as Francis and Germany and, of course, here, with Recreativo IES. La Orden and Spanish football clubs such as Algeciras, Xerez Deportivo or San Roque.


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