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The head coach of the club represented by Pasecnik and Bertan has changed

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Joan Plasas, the coach of the Spanish Premier League (CoB) Coosur Real Betis in Seville, represented by Anjeja Paschnik and Daira Bertan, who will resign on Sunday, will be replaced by Luis Casimiro on Monday.

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It has already been reported that Seville’s basketball players lost to Real Madrid in 48:71 (6:18, 15:14, 13:25, 14:14) with both Latvian basketball players on Sunday.

Plasa, 57, announced his decision at a post-match press conference.

The new coach of the club Kazimiro has signed a contract with the team until 2023, according to the club’s website.

It is emphasized that the 61-year-old Kazimiro has extensive experience in the ACB league, where he has spent 27 seasons as a coach and has played more than 700 games.

His coaching career began in the 1989/1990 season in Puertollano, but for the first time he started training for the ACB team in the 1997/1998 season, becoming the manager of Manresa, currently represented by Jānis Bērziņš and Mārčs Šteinbergs, winning the Spanish title in 1998. .

He has also coached ACB clubs since then, such as Valencia, Gran Canaria’s Herbalife, Fuenlabrada, Madrid’s Movistar Estudiantes, Malaga’s Unicaja and Zaragoza.

Together with Herbalife of Gran Canaria, he won the Spanish Super Cup in 2016.

This is Kazimiro’s second arrival at the club in Seville, where he has already trained in 2015 and 2016.

The Seville team, with two successes in 11 games, is currently in last place in the 18-team competition.

Last season, Roland Schmidt and Barcelona became the Spanish champions, beating Real Madrid 2-0 in the final.

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